Sunday, March 18, 2012

Since last time

I'm going to diverge briefly from my usual focus on technical matters. Since my last posting here, several things have changed:
  1. I moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL to work for Velocitude, a company building generalized mobile web support in Clojure, a dialect of Lisp with special support for programming with immutable data structures, concurrency, and other functional programming goodness.
  2. Velocitude was bought by Akamai, and I moved to the Boston area to continue with the same work.
  3. Back in, oh, January or February 2011, I took the time to learn Haskell properly, including how to think in its type system.
  4. I joined S&P Capital IQ a couple months ago, to work with some hardcore type system fans in Scala.

I just wanted to provide some context for what follows, and will dwell no more on such matters.

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