Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fixing weblocks test failures, try 1

Here we commemorate the demise of the first test fixing branch of Weblocks, c6dc18-test-fixes. At its peak, it got the number of failures in the ~750 test suite down to a whopping 9. Shortly after its merge back into dev, the count was back up to over 50.

As I write this, the count on my new fixes branch is 84. On the now 4-patch divergent dev, a trial merge into the fixes branch raises that to 89. (To be entirely fair, I was the committer of the revisions that caused the jump.)

There is a lesson here about test discipline. Once you get out of the mindset of making every mainline rev pass all tests, it's hard to get back in. For quite a while my fix strategy has been a little lax.
  1. If it's small, and I don't think it does much, don't bother testing.
  2. For large changes, make sure the failure count doesn't jump above 100.
  3. Whatever, just make sure my development site (which doesn't even use continuations yet) works.
Symmetric merging is little help here, as all the revs in a topic branch end up as first-class revs in the mainline. Not that I blame Mercurial at all; still, I hope to build future features in topic branches posted on Bitbucket, preferably with optimized archival storage (backporting hardlinks and such) so dormant branches, such as c6dc18-test-fixes, can stay around forever cheaply.

I think the failure with c6dc18-test-fixes was not providing public feedback about how the failure counts were diverging between branches. Now I have scripts that merge, test, and compare test results on two branches, so I can generate all the useless statistics I like.

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